Mom Bought Me A Present?!?

Oh boy! Oh boy! Mom said she bought me a present! I have NO idea what it could be!! It might arrive tomorrow, but if not I will have to wait until Monday. I really want to know what it is!  

Full Moon – Wreak Havoc!

There’s a full moon tonight? Oh boy, oh boy! Time to wreak havoc with my favorite activity – throwing everything around the desk!

Mom Got A Kindle!

Mom got a Kindle Fire HDX! This thing is lots of fun. Should make work more interesting. Whee!  

Mooz Does Not Approve Of Norton

What’s this? You know the Mooz does not approve of Norton! At least I know mom only bought this because it was free after rebate and came with a free usb drive. Mom took Norton off her laptop because it bogged the computer down to the point it wasn’t usable. […]

Mom Knows I Hate Bugs!

Mom knows I hate bugs… so why does she torture me with them?   Oh no – it’s ON me!   Get it away!     Oh good, it’s gone.   Well, maybe it is a bit interesting…

All That And Still No Grass

 Daddy got a new camera.     I just have to look cute and I’ll get what I want – right?     I looked left…     I looked right…    I looked straight ahead…   And still no grass! Bummer!

Bug Photo Shoot – 07/30/13

Exhibit A: bug   Did you say BUG?! Yup, that’s a bug! Bye bye, bug! Off the desk you go. I’m way cuter than that thing anyway.